This survey entails uploading SANAS scorecard or affidavits ( only for annual turnover under R3m for Suppliers and  Contractors, and R1,8 for Built Environment professionals).

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Register on the website with your email address to access the survey.
  2. Once registered, there are pull-down menus where you tick the box that is applicable to your submission.
  3. For bulk submissions, ie from Verification Agencies, Membership Organisations please ensure that scorecards are grouped as follows :
    • per Entity ( Contractor, Supplier, Built Environment Professional)
    • Submission type – affidavit or SANAS scorecard
    • Measured entity submission being done by:
      • Direct company
      • Membership organisation
      • Verification Agency
      • SANAS
      • Other – specify when registering
    • Entity size – turnover micro ( ie affidavits only – turnover < R3m or R1,8M)
    • EME/ Start up
    • QSE
    • Generic
  4. For individual submissions, the same steps are followed as above. The scorecard or affidavit must then be uploaded as a good quality pdf
  5. If you are unable to upload your certificate please e-mail helpdesk@cscc.org.za with a detailed explanation of the issue your experiencing.